Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
May 25 2011

Here we go!

For months now I’ve been telling myself I would start a blog once Induction and Institute got a little closer, and I’ve finally decided to do it! Why now? Two reasons: 1. I’m flying to New Mexico in 10 days, so “closer” is officially here, and 2. I got frustrated packing. Blogging is much more fun.

Let me introduce myself. Right now I’m a college senior, graduating in 18 days (yes, 8 days after heading to NM–more on that later) with a degree in Psychology. Since November I’ve known that I would be moving 1,480 miles away after graduation in order to join the epic and awesome 2011 New Mexicorps and teach Elementary School somewhere in northwest New Mexico (or possibly just across the border in northeast Arizona). And I could not be more excited! I’m already dreaming of my future students, planning classroom procedures, and stocking up on shiny stickers. Well, OK, that last one’s been going on for years.

Even though I’ve had this TFA plan for quite some time now, it’s just now starting to really hit me. Some hits are good: I’ll be going somewhere new! Meeting new people! Working hard for something I’m passionate about! Some are overwhelming: I’m going to be wholly responsible for the educational progress of twenty-some kids. Eek! And some are really hard: I’ll be leaving my closest friends behind. I’ll be moving almost entirely across the country from my parents, brother, sister-of-my-heart-if-not-by-blood, and godson (and I was already half a country away!). And I have very little idea of what to expect.

But I’m choosing to be excited rather than scared. It’s an adventure, rather than a nerve-wracking unknown. Hey, I’m a Psych major: framing matters! In 10 days I head out to NM in order to take a certification test the day after. We don’t know yet whether I’ll need this test to get certified; in past it wasn’t necessary, but the law might change and the test is only offered that weekend. And just because it makes no sense to decide in July that incoming teachers will need to have passed a test that is only offered in June doesn’t mean that the Powers That Be won’t do it. At any rate, I head to NM on the 3rd, test on the 4th, have Induction from the 6th through the 9th, fly back the 9th for graduation on the 11th, and then book it down to Phoenix to start Institute on the 12th. Whew. And then the real work begins…

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