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So, to preface this post, let me just say that Monday was AWFUL. My kids were all over the place, I was all over the place, it was an avalanche on top of a train wreck in a post-apocalyptic tornado. Badbadbadbadbad. BUT yesterday was my birthday. And here’s what my kids gave me: A Days…

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Those two things in the title are not really related, but they’re both true! And I’m super excited about both of them (maybe more excited about the job because I’m still not positive their learning was all my fault, but still). Job talk first: Yesterday a group of 5 of us took an epic road…

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Jun 22 2011

First 2 Days as a Teacher

We started summer school yesterday and I officially became a teacher. The fact that I couldn’t find the time or energy to tell you even one thing about it on the day it happened speaks to what kind of day it was! My kids, though absolutely adorable, had a hard time sitting still for more…

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Jun 19 2011

Thank goodness for tabs…

Snapshot of what lesson planning looks like on my computer: 7 Word documents: 3 lesson plans 2 graphic organizers 1 assessment 1 Unit Plan 11 internet tabs: 3 of read-aloud books 2 of TFAnet 1 of my OSAT student tracker 1 of Amazon 1 of Gmail 3 of my Facebook home page Which means 3…

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Jun 18 2011

Week 1 of Institute: Check.

I have learned MANY things this week. Many, many things. One of those things, unfortunately, was that I’m not very good at updating this blog while Institute is going on. Sorry about that. Maybe you’re interested in what my typical Institute day looks like, and why I suck at keeping up with just about everything…

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Jun 12 2011

High for the week: 107 degrees.

I made it to Phoenix! Woohoo! Yesterday was graduation, which was really really nice, and my family came out to see me walk across that stage, which was beyond fantastic. Best part: getting to hang out with my grandma. Picture an 83-year-0ld German Jewish lady who fled the holocaust after her mother broke her father…

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I am sitting in the Denver airport on my way back to school for graduation, and of course my flight is delayed. So what better time to reflect on the last few days? On Wednesday I interviewed at a school, and although I’m almost certain I did not get the job, it was very interesting…

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Jun 07 2011


So I’ve been in Gallup now for 4 whole days and Induction officially started today. It was a whirlwind of sessions and presentations on everything from Eliminating the Achievement Gap to Everything You Never Learned About American Indians (and Never Knew To Ask), which is not what it was titled but should have been. So…

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Jun 04 2011

I’m here!

I am in Gallup! I took the first of my teacher certification tests this morning (I have another one this afternoon) and as a side note it was so easy that it makes me sad that this is the benchmark for who is qualified to teach kids. Also makes me sad that the very nice…

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