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Jun 12 2011

High for the week: 107 degrees.

I made it to Phoenix! Woohoo! Yesterday was graduation, which was really really nice, and my family came out to see me walk across that stage, which was beyond fantastic. Best part: getting to hang out with my grandma. Picture an 83-year-0ld German Jewish lady who fled the holocaust after her mother broke her father out of a concentration camp (we’re still not sure how), sailed to the US on a boat that got torpedoed, learned a whole new language and got a degree in it, and then subsequently dedicated the rest of her life to helping other people through social work, including adopting my mom and aunt (which is how she’s my grandma). Then picture her saying she’s proud of all that you’ve accomplished in your life so far, and that she feels so lucky to be related to you. Wouldn’t that kind of blow a diploma out of the water? If I can do half the amazing things my grandma has in her life and be half as caring, patient, and joyous on the other side of them, I’ll be doing pretty well.

So anyways, that was awesome, and now I’m in Phoenix for Institute! And it’s 99 degrees. With a high of 107 for tomorrow. How do people live like this??? Plus it’s sinking in that as of tomorrow I’ll be called Ms. EMinNM, go to the school I’ll be teaching at for the next five weeks, and be a real live breathing working grown-up type person. Eek.

Low of today: Saying goodbye to my best friend at 2am and sniffling the whole shuttle ride home.

High of today: Seeing all the different carloads of New Mexicorps trickle in and, upon seeing me, yell my name, happy to see me.

I’m a little overwhelmed. But here goes nothing.

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