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Jun 19 2011

Thank goodness for tabs…

Snapshot of what lesson planning looks like on my computer:
  • 7 Word documents:
    • 3 lesson plans
    • 2 graphic organizers
    • 1 assessment
    • 1 Unit Plan
  • 11 internet tabs:
    • 3 of read-aloud books
    • 2 of TFAnet
    • 1 of my OSAT student tracker
    • 1 of Amazon
    • 1 of Gmail
    • 3 of my Facebook home page
Which means 3 separate times I got bored, went to facebook, yelled at myself for being off track, clicked away from the tab, and repeated the process 5 minutes later.
This will get done. Except much like writing papers in college, once I’ve done the thinking and planning part, the actual writing and filling-in-the-blank part is no longer interesting. Still necessary, though. The driving force behind all this planning: I GET TO TEACH KIDS TOMORROW!

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