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Jul 26 2011

Back in NM!

I flew into Phoenix, drove all night to Gallup (while listening to science audiobooks…I’m a dork), got in 2 hours before my first session of Orientation started, and so began this whole thing on 1 hour of sleep. This was a poor life decision. But today was marginally better after a full night’s sleep, and…

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Jul 21 2011

Crunchy Kids on the Common

I went into downtown Boston with my family yesterday and we were hanging out, sitting in the Common (which for you non-Bostonians is the big park in the middle of Boston) when these two women came and sat next to us with 3 4-year-old in a “preschool” class. They were clearly crunchy organic types: the…

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Jul 19 2011

End of Institute!

It’s pretty weird to be back in the real world again. For so long I haven’t had to think about meals or housing or even entertainment. It was all about the kids, lesson planning and data. It’s odd to be thinking about my house in Gallup (which, by the way, my awesome roommate picked out…

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Jul 14 2011

What my student’s mom taught her

I have a student whose name means “sweet” in Spanish (well, there goes anonymity out the window, but it’s appropriate) which is too perfect because this girl is the quietest, shy but smiley, sweet girl. She has some serious academic challenges though, not so much because she doesn’t understand but because she thinks she doesn’t…

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Jul 07 2011

Let’s be less dramatic, shall we?

I feel like I turn to this blog a lot to process my experiences in writing, which often means that they have a snapshot moment or powerful feeling at the middle of them. I’m realizing this may be somewhat melodramatic to read all the time. So while I have just come from the first-ever Native…

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I felt like an awful teacher today. No one ever writes about days like today, because they aren’t pretty or pat or able to be described in a pithy one-liner. But I felt like I should tell you about it, because you probably fall into one of a couple categories. Maybe you are a friend…

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Jul 03 2011

More than halfway done…

There are so many new posts from TFAers who have just started their Institute experiences, and it feels so weird to realize that I am now more than halfway done with mine. So where have we gotten, me and my 3 fellow collaborative (henceforth collab) members and our 16 soon-to-be-first-graders? I know you know we’ve…

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