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Aug 02 2011

Snapshot of Gallup

I haven’t updated in a bit because, honestly, it feels to me like not much is going on. I’m in that awkward limbo time between being back in Gallup and ready to start planning concretely and having enough information and curriculum from my school to actually plan productively. So I’m getting my house together and trying to plan what I can, and also getting totally distracted sorting through kids books and rereading half of Matilda. None of which is terribly blog-worthy.

In lieu of actual events, let me give you a picture of Gallup:

  • My house is on a street that is not searchable on Google maps, which might be because a few months back the county decided to renumber the whole street, without telling anyone. A month or so after that, they told the post office about the number changes. As of now, they’re still working on getting around to actually putting new numbers on houses. My house is either 306 or 1605, depending on whether you’re reading the city plan or the side of the house. Organization is not our strong suit.
  • There is a WalMart in Gallup.
  • There are 2 bowling alleys.
  • There are approximately 6,000 fast food chains and motels.
  • The whole town is built on a hill, so you will often come up to the top of a rise and be looking out over a sprawling town backed by rocky mesas with a long train slowly chugging through. It’s pretty spectacular.
  • As far as I can tell, the major roads in town have a street name, a federal highway number, and at least two state highway numbers. 66 and 40 are sometimes the same, but not always, and are also sometimes 118. This is why people give directions like, “Turn left at the big rock, then keep going until you see the road that goes to WalMart.”
  • My neighbors are all retired law enforcement. Also super nice–one of them drove us all around town to show us around, and another came to find me to redeliver a package that the post office mistakenly delivered to him. See above.
  • Kids in Gallup think Monster energy drinks are really cool. They have t-shirts. I don’t know why.
  • People are super friendly–the number of times I’ve been lifting something heavy and somebody asks me if I need help outnumber the times I’ve done it on my own.
  • There’s a guy on Craigslist Gallup (a subset of Craigslist Albuquerque) trying to trade the four tires off his truck for a horse.
  • When the sun sets over the park, it looks like this:

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