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So I’m writing him down. Sorry, this post is mostly for me to exorcise this child, so it’s long and not that polished. As somebody famous once said, I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one instead. Reader be warned. This is my biggest behavior challenge,…

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Sep 20 2011

Quickest post ever

I have WAY too much to do right now, including planning Math for tomorrow and writing substitute plans for Thursday and Friday (when I have yet another, 8am to 4pm Thursday-Saturday training, during which I cannot be sure my children will be learning anything). But I wanted to do a quick best part/worst part for…

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Sep 16 2011

Thank Goodness It’s Friday

This week has been long. So long. Part/most of the reason I feel so drained right now has to do with the fact that I ran out of allergy medicine (and they tripled the price of it) so I’ve been wandering around in a histaminic fog, exhausted and puffy-eyed, all week. Some of it is…

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Warning: this post is frustrated and somewhat annoyed. Sunshine and rainbows to be continued in my next post. I am required to test my children every week, which is fine because then I know who did or didn’t master the objective. I am required to give tests the district makes for me, except they suck…

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The last two days have been the first days that I absolutely, positively did not want to be in my classroom. My kids were misbehaving (apparently common after a long weekend) all day Tuesday and I had to have a sub for half a day Wednesday so I could DIBELs test my kids, so they…

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Sep 02 2011

Science RULES!

It was a half day today, which was strangely stressful, and we had about 20 minutes left at the end of the day when I was going to do vocabulary pages. So we were going over the meaning of the word native, which came up on our chapter test (even though my kids are Native,…

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Sep 01 2011

I love my kids.

Seriously, they rock. Even when they’re being bad, like when they aren’t paying perfect attention during our semi-scripted reading program, or when they are totally rambunctious during science, they have so much personality and joy, it’s impossible not to love them. Snapshots of my classroom: To learn how to read a recipe and understand written…

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