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Oct 02 2011

I’m exhausted but…

  • I planned my whole week–reading and math.
  • I made practice worksheets for both my regular math group and my quick-learner math group (yes, that’s right, we’re DIFFERENTIATING and all that fancy whatnot).
  • I found a powerpoint and graphic format to introduce the idea of drawing conclusions so it will make sense to my kiddos.
  • I documented this kid’s behavior so when we have our emergency meeting on Tuesday to make a behavior plan I’ll have a documented leg to stand on. And I didn’t get (that) upset when my grade level chair (also head of Student Support and my biggest resource, most sympathetic sounding board, best person to go to for a laugh during the day, and overall favorite person) called his mom and was told by mom that the kid does not have any problems at home and it really shouldn’t be mom’s job to figure out what’s going on in school. BTW, this is a 180 degree flip from everything mom, kid, stepdad, and past teachers have ever told me, as recently as my conversation with stepdad 4 days ago. Mom just doesn’t want to deal with it, either because she’s overwhelmed or because she’s in denial. And did anyone else notice that the week Mom decides she doesn’t care about kiddo’s behavior in school is the week his behavior takes a nosedive from bad to godfreakingawful? But I digress.
  • I planned centers for the week.
  • I graded tests.
  • I tracked unit tests (70% mastery each in Unit 1 Reading and Math? We’ll take it!).
  • I did laundry (at a new laundromat near my house which is seriously low rent but only cost $1.75 for 2 loads of laundry. It was full of extended families, from toddling 2-year-olds who thought my keys were lots of fun to wrinkly Navajo grandmothers with no teeth and handkerchiefs on their heads. I’m totally going there for all my future laundry needs).
  • I got a haircut.
  • I went for a hike along the mesa near my school and was treated to fascinating conversation from my hiking buddy as well as absolutely breathtaking views of New Mexico landscape.
  • I decided to throw our curriculum’s useless vocabulary and unintelligible math textbook chapters out the window and feel much better that the stuff I will teach my kids will be useful, even if they can’t name the properties of multiplication (associative? commutative? identity? I don’t know what those are, and I’m a fully successful adult. It’s enough to know how they work without spending a whole week memorizing and confusing names).
  • I cooked myself a proteinalicious dinner.
  • I’m going to bed.

Overall, even though I spent three quarters of it in my classroom or with a student’s test in my hand, it was a pretty productive weekend.

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