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Nov 16 2011

I love basketball.

First of all, thanks to all who wrote such kind words on my last post–I am continuously blown away that people who aren’t my parents read what I write, and especially when people like Gary Rubinstein and mathinaz (two people whose blogs I read on a regular basis) appreciate my musings…pretty heady stuff. Anyway, I…

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TFA has just welcomed its newest members of the corps of 2012, those who applied first and second deadlines. And while I welcome you with open arms, am excited you are here, and truly believe you will do your best for your kids, you have no idea what to expect. So, not to be the…

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Nov 09 2011

I hate it when that happens…

I can’t get over this. Best misspelled fourth-grade answer ever: vocabulary sentence for the word “pressure.” Sentence: “I put pressure on a balloon and it poop right in my face!” Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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