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Dec 18 2011

Parent Surveys

I sent home a parent survey to try to get parent voices involved. It was basic stuff–what do you see going well? What would you like to change? Would you like to hear from me more? That sort of thing. On the minus side, having sent it home twice, I only got 3 back (we’ll…

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On Friday we had our Christmas assembly. Side note: anyone who says rural America manages to separate religion and school is kidding themselves. 98% of our students are Christian (there’s one Muslim family in the school), many of them devoutly so. Also, because of the stunning lack of outside world experience our kids have, most…

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Dec 16 2011

Today was the best day ever.

I had the best day with my kids today. It was the last day of school before winter break, and we were careful to finish almost all of our testing yesterday because Christmas is one of the two holidays a year that are school-approved to have a party. My mentor teacher and I were talking…

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