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Jan 27 2012

Break my heart.

The results are in. His working memory, or how much information he can keep in his head at once, is in the 3rd percentile. Cognitive efficiency, or how well he can make his brain do what it’s supposed to, is in the 1st percentile. Short-term memory, or how well he can remember what you told…

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Jan 18 2012

Surprise! Learning!

My mother requested that I write this post, so here goes. I love being surprised by how much one thing can affect learning. The thing this time is a new whiteboard easel, which I got (amazingly!) from EXTRA money my school had???? Whaaaat??? This never happens. But anyway. Because I had this whiteboard, I could…

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The title of this post is a direct quote from my mentor teacher, of 12 years’ experience in my dysfunctional school. Every time someone says something about how there aren’t any good teachers out here, or teachers don’t really care about kids, I think about this woman and remember, once more, why overgeneralizations are stupid.…

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