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Feb 21 2012

Awesome Parents Rule.

I adore my student’s dad. Not in a creepy inappropriate way, but in a I-want-you-to-tell-me-stories way. Today was parent-teacher conferences, which still make me vaguely surprised that I am the teacher in this scenario (not that I expected to be the parent, but still), and he came in wearing his typical jeans, boots, and cowboy…

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Feb 12 2012

Or a Small Town Flag a-Flyin’

There’s a reason people write country songs about small town life (if you, shockingly, have more than one non-country radio station in your area and aren’t up on your twang, the title of this post is from one such song). They’re always these drawly, proud-to-be-an-American, simple-things-are-worth-having songs, and when you live in a city you…

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Feb 05 2012

Basketball = Life!

My dad requested a post about basketball in Indian Country, so here goes. As you might know, I coach boys and girls basketball teams for my elementary school. This is already a little nutso to me, because on the East Coast where I grew up we don’t do school basketball teams until middle school. But…

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Feb 02 2012

One of those days…

OK, so today was the proverbial roller coaster of awesome and awful. In points to speed along: Start the day with my kids NOT LISTENING at all. As in, I explain something, or I give directions, or I remind them for the umpteenth time that Napoleon (who shows up in our story about Egypt…long story)…

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