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Apr 30 2012


Teachers need to be patient. Really patient. SO INCREDIBLY PATIENT. Because here’s the thing. Some kids will get stuff the first time. And then there are some kids who will kind of get it the first time, but then they will really get it the second time. And then there are some kids who need…

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Apr 12 2012

Mental Picture

Every time I drive one of my kids home, it hits me again that they have grown up in a different world than I did. I don’t think I’ve ever painted a mental picture of what it looks like where my kids live on the Rez, so here goes. Keep in mind everywhere is a…

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Apr 03 2012

Man, I love this kid.

One of my favorite kids is a 5th grader on my basketball team. He’s not in my class, obviously, but I adore him. He’s funny and sweet (when he thinks no one is looking) and tries so hard at basketball. At school, however, he doesn’t try at all. In fact, he refuses to try at…

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