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I know I said yesterday that I wanted to move to China, but today I’m really glad I didn’t. They were AWESOME! Relatively speaking. They worked hard, they mostly focused, they used transition words to write How To essays in 30 minutes (whaaaat??? That’s lightning for us!), they checked their answers with the inverse operation.…

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Aug 29 2012

I Want to Move to China.

Today I want to move to China and try something easier for a change. Like curing cancer. While riding a unicycle. And juggling flaming batons. Math almost made my brain explode. We’re working on subtraction with regrouping, because two thirds of my kids couldn’t do it (yes, they should have learned this 2 years ago.…

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Aug 24 2012

Potential risks of sliding on slides

It’s been a long week and I’ll tell you about it later, but here’s my favorite thing that happened today. I was on playground duty and one of the sweetest kids was chatting with me. He’s in first grade and was pretty much not talking at all when he started kindergarten last year, so it’s…

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Aug 18 2012

Save the bug!

One of the (many) benefits of not being a first year teacher is that I know a little bit about my students this year because I saw them around last year. For example, I know that they were very cliquey last year, that the girls were really sassy and would spend 15 minutes in the…

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Aug 17 2012

Week 1

Phew. Week 1 is done. I’ve been thinking about writing something all week, but I didn’t want to write a post that was only ranting about how difficult my kids are, which is pretty much how I was feeling by evening every day, so I held off. Today, for the first time all week, I’m…

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Aug 09 2012

First day back (without kids!)

We had our first day of official school meetings today. First of all, I’m a big fan of my new principal because, unlike last year’s first-meetings, we did NOT sit there as someone read the staff manual to us. We did NOT have unimportant meetings until 3pm and we did NOT get told that all…

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Aug 05 2012


I’m back! After a month traveling, I’m officially back in New Mexico. I actually missed this place terribly. My roommate and I drove back from Albuquerque and went into raptures over things like far-off mesas, red-brown rocks as far as the eye can see, and the stunning colors in the sunset-smeared sky. I took a…

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