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Aug 24 2012

Potential risks of sliding on slides

It’s been a long week and I’ll tell you about it later, but here’s my favorite thing that happened today.

I was on playground duty and one of the sweetest kids was chatting with me. He’s in first grade and was pretty much not talking at all when he started kindergarten last year, so it’s really sweet that he can talk more now and wants to talk. Also he has this really thick speech impediment which is adorable.

Anyways, he’s sliding down the slide this morning and getting his pants all wet (it rained last night). I point out that he is soaking wet, and ask if he minds. He gives me a look, like, you silly grown up! And keeps on sliding, cackling in that evil-genius little kid laugh first graders have.

But stop! Mesmerizing! The fifth graders are climbing on things! He comes over and leans into me as he asks how they got up there. I suggest that they probably climbed. He wanders over, fascinated.

Only to come back three seconds later.

“Teachah, they made me cwy.” (He is not, in fact, crying. But “sad” has an s in it.)

“Oh, no. What happened?”

“They say I pee my pants!”

In my defense, I kept it together for five seconds to reassure him that we both know it was from the slide, and he wandered off again. But then I cracked up. Skinny little kid with a giant wet spot all over his rear end…I guess fifth graders are closer to silly grown ups after all.

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  1. This is adorable. Elementary school is such a fascinating place.

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