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Sep 25 2012

Little cuties.

My kids are so cute when they get into books. My intensive kids (i.e. my lowest readers. They range from a mid-first to a mid-second grade level but all have decoding and fluency issues) started a new book today. The target audience of this book is 6-7 year olds, fully 3 and 4 years younger…

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Sep 22 2012

I wish I could help more…

One of my girls is having a rough time right now. She apparently had a lot of behavior issues last year and would have hysterical yelling or crying episodes because she felt like her teacher was being unfair and not treating her well (I know this teacher, and in all honesty he might have been).…

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Sep 17 2012


One of my kids cheated today, and it’s making me really upset. It was on a little nothing assignment. We do multiplication facts every day for 5 minutes. They work on a sheet of 100 facts with all one number (i.e. all the 2s problems) and they have 4 minutes to finish it. If they…

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Sep 12 2012

Wishing on Eyelashes

I’ve always made wishes on eyelashes. It’s a silly, childish thing, where you find an eyelash on your face, hold it on your finger, make a wish and blow it off. I’ve always made eyelash wishes, ever since I was little, and over time it’s become an instinctive thing I do without even thinking, like…

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Sep 04 2012

Soooooo sneaky…

I made my kids have totally stilted conversation today. We had a whole class conversation over Morning Meeting about what we did over the long weekend, and whoever was the designated Responder had to ask the Sharer what they did. The Responder was then required to make one response (Wow! That sounds fun! Interesting. Oh.…

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