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Oct 21 2012


I drove two of my students home the other day after afterschool tutoring. One of them turns out to live all the way out almost in Arizona, which was a little farther that I had bargained for. We pulled up to see her little barefooted 3-year-old brother trying valiantly to push the baby around in…

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Oct 18 2012

Please send your kid to school!

Between my 19 students, we have missed 11 days of instructional time this week. And it’s only Thursday. 2 of those days are In-School Suspension for messing around on the bus and hitting another kid in the head with a jacket (which I don’t think merits 2 days ISS, especially when another kid got in…

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Oct 10 2012

Language Learners

Here’s what it’s like teaching kids who pretty much have no first language. That means the kids who speak no language other than English, but who missed out on enough language exposure as a little kid to speak even conversational English proficiently. All of my kids are English Language Learners for academic English, because most…

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