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Nov 18 2012

Fluency Palooza

I am so proud of my lowest readers. We finally got our DIBELS materials in just before break let out (this is a really quick basic test of reading fluency, or how many words they read correctly in one minute) and I quickly tested my lowest kids. Admittedly, I did this because I want to…

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Nov 17 2012

Scary Thing #2

Here’s the other scary thing I’m doing with my kiddos (again, scary for me, not them). We’re reading a book. Now, last year this would have been scary because it would mean we weren’t reading our basal reading curriculum. But this year it’s scary because of the book I chose. We’re reading Never Say Quit…

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Nov 14 2012


I’m trying to do something scary with my kids. Actually, two somethings. And it’s not scary for them, it’s scary for me. Here’s something number 1: This is the last week of school before Thanksgiving break, and I’m allowed to read whatever I want (let’s be honest, I’m pretty much always allowed to read whatever…

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