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Apr 24 2013

Tired but grateful…

It has been a REALLY long time since I’ve written, and I think it’s just because I am so incredibly busy and exhausted that I haven’t had the time. Rather than try to catch up on stuff since the last post, here are some little things that I am grateful for.

  • The notes my kids left on the board yesterday. I was out for a training, so my kids wrote me notes, such as this gem: “Dear Ms. EMinNM, We were good for the sub and we did all are work and the sub was nice exept the boys sometimes were notty. Welcome back! We missed you! Love, Arya and Liana and Brittany”
  • Having had the time to go grocery shopping yesterday, for the first time in two weeks. Seriously, I have been that busy that I just go home at 8 and crash at 9 every night. After two days of almonds, month-old granola bars and Gushers, I bought more food and life is good.
  • Kiddos who help out all weekend at a tournament that is NOT raising money for them. My basketball players worked so hard and were so great, and were also hilarious. A few boys even came in on Sunday, even though their team was already eliminated, just to help.
  • Students that are easily manipulated into being excited. We have been working on the distributive property all week and today we were trying to make the connection to the standard algorithm of multiplication and why it works. Yeah, this is about as exciting as it sounds. Not at all. But the fact that it MAKES SENSE and that tons of high schoolers don’t even know why you go down, then across, etc. was enough for kids to be gasping in lightbulbs of enthusiasm. I was impressed.
  • Holes by Louis Sachar. We are doing it as a shared reading read-aloud, and my kids LOVE it. They beg to read more and ask if they can take it home to read it, and we read for like an hour today because I couldn’t say no.


That’s it. I promise I’ll be more interesting next time. I’m just too tired right now…

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