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Apr 30 2013

Books rule!

Here’s my favorite adorable kid thing that happened today. We are reading Holes as a class, and my kids LOVE IT. They keep taking it home to read ahead, and even though this is a book about a year above most of their reading levels, they are reading and comprehending it anyway through the sheer power of loving it so much. Today we had standardized testing literally all day, from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm, which was not so nice. But here’s the adorable:

Brandon finishes his reading test a little early. He starts to read Holes. Five minutes later, frantically calls me over.

“Ms. EMinNM! Look! Look! ‘A skeletal hand in an orange jumpsuit reached out from under the boat.’ THERE’S SOMEONE UNDER THERE!”

“Whoa! Better keep reading to find out who!” I whisper, unable to tell him off for making noise during testing.

Two pages later: “Ms. EMinNM! Look! It’s ZERO!”

Ten minutes later we are done and the whole class is lining up for lunch. There’s Brandon, still at his desk, engrossed in his book. I remind him it’s time to leave.

“Just one more minute!”

The rest of the class starts leaving, and he sighs and starts to follow them. Then the line stops, held up behind another class in the hallway. And there goes Brandon, inching back to his desk to read just one more paragraph.

This is my favorite thing ever. This kid has some learning disabilities, and he really struggles with focusing and understanding what he’s reading independently. But today he was SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED, and all about a book. Books rule.

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