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I had a student last year, one of my favorites, who did not speak to me until October. She really didn’t start talking to me regularly until January. This kid tested in the 0.5 percentile for oral language skills, which means if you put 200 kids in a room, she would be the worst of…

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May 26 2013


Year 2 is done. I’m “done” with TFA. It’s kind of a weird combination of things. On the one hand, the majority of my fellow 2011 CMs are leaving, and I am so sad to see them go. There are facebook statuses full of poignant lessons learned and updates on next steps and new jobs.…

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May 21 2013

Minor and Major Accomplishments

Almost every teacher I know (well, at least the ones who like children) have a “take home” club. These are the kids who you love so much you would take them home in a heartbeat. I had one last year, and I have another couple this year. Let me tell you about one of them.…

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