Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap


I teach 4th grade at a public school in Gallup, NM. My school is ranked second-to-last in our district, which is the lowest-performing district in NM, which is the second-to-lowest-performing state in the union; it’s a rough spot. My kids are phenomenal. They are almost all Navajo, mostly live in town or on the edges of the reservation. They have some mind-bogglingly serious challenges ranging from an incredible lack of language skills to home lives and poverty you wouldn’t believe. But they also have amazing spirits, sweet smiles, and a genuine, inspiring desire to learn.

This blog is a chronicle of my thoughts and experiences from leaving college in Chicago through Institute in Phoenix up to now, teaching in New Mexico. It’s part letter to family and friends, part processing my life in words, part writing for anyone who wants to read it and root for my kids.

We don’t have it all together. But we’re sure as heck trying to figure it out.